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*Ministry announces advances for Nicaragua if five laws remaining are approved

Photo by: Juan Arévalo
Alejandro Argüello Choucel, Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade.
by Juan J. Arévalo

In a trip with the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade, MIDIT, the team of La Jornada in Spanish and English edition, made an interview to the Ministry Alejandro Argüello Choucel, and he said that five laws are left to be accepted in the Nicaraguan Parliament so that the Free Trade Treaty, FTT, with the Central American Countries, Dominic Republic and the United States, begin. He said that the goal of the MIDIT, is to “have at least, 15 thousand new jobs for this year” with the investments from other countries. Several investors that are coming from other countries...more

Taiwán shall  invest in Nicaragua
by Greta Arévalo

Investors from Taiwan announced their interests in investing for companies of the next sectors; electronics, plantings, ecotourism, agriculture and maritime in the national land. One of their goals is to find good sources in agricultural products to try and to add a high value to he United States and the European Union. They also pointed to look for lands and produce noni, bee honey and many others fruits including the Taiwan fruits and green tea.

Red wine is good for teeth
by Raúl E. Arévalo

A research by the Laval University from Canada expressed publicly that red wine prevents the dental diseases, where the experts clarify that the periodintitis is an infectious and progressive disease that affects the gums and teeth or any other bone that is around the gums. Recent studies proved that the tint wine and the seed of grapes have antinflammatory, antitumoral and prevent the cardiac diseases. The results of the sciences pointed that the Polyphenols of the red wine regulates the anti-inflammatory components liberated for a kind of immortal cellules named macro agates.

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